My partner is obsessed with lighthouses she loves them I guess it is the encaculation of the sea and the drama that there mus be for there to be a need to site a lighthouse there? Who knows? Anyway partly due to this and partly as it means lots of exploration I have set myself a very long term goal of photographing the light houses of the UK.

Now this is a very long term project and will take me many years (probably into my retirement) to complete but I will enjoy every second.

The Photos:


Located in Northforeland, Kent. I Stood on the wall of the road (not the lighthouse property wall) in order to see over the chain fence for this shot (2012) This was the last manned lighthouse in the UK (automated in 1998).

The “new” lighthouse at Dungeness, Kent (the UKs only desert!) built in 1961, automated in 1991 and modernised in 2000. – Taken from the shingle beach (2012)

The “old” lighthouse at Dungeness (The High Light Tower), Kent (UK) with shingle bank in front, shot from the beach. This lighthouse was replaced by a new light in 1961. Shot from the beach to avoid some of the clutter surrounding the building (2012)


Day 93 - Margate Lighthouse

The lighthouse at the end of Margate Quay. No longer in use, but there is a nice Cafe in the buildings next to it (so I am told). Oh and great views of the turner centre.


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