New Dragonfly added

I have much catching up to do (I promise I will spend some time updating the 365 project, still up to date but behind in processing etc.) but this post is about another project of mine: To Photograph the Dragonflies of Milton Keynes

I lovely spring walk (although the temperature was more like mid summer, it was lovely) in a local wood (Howe Park Wood) mainly to look at and photograph the bluebells and the butterflies (It has some real rare breeders but my aim was wood white, which although I saw I did not get a photograph of). Anyway as we arrived at the pools just outside the wood I spotted a damselfly come up out of the reeds and disappear over our heads (I could not be certain what it was I’m afraid), but it reminded me that I should now be looking out for Odonata to add to my project.

After a while wandering around looking at the amazing amount of butterflies on the wing – Brimstone, Large White, Small White, Wood White, Orange Tip, Peacock, Speckled Wood, Comma (and later Holly Blue but not in the wood) – and the wonderful display of bluebells (a sample of which can now be seen as the header on the Suki Memorial Woodland Trust website, I spied a delicate damselfly in amongst the woodland plants.

Creeping in, and trying not to disturb her I was pleased to have found my first Large Red Damselfly (I only recently got into searching for Odonata), and managed to get off two shots before she was off into the depths where I could not follow. Unfortunately I saw no more (I will re-visit soon) but the below is one of the images I managed it has been dropped a bit but that is all.

Large Red Damselfly

Large Red Damselfly Photographed in Howe Park Wood in May 2013

So finally I have increased my project page by one (it seems an age since the last dragonflies were on the wing, and they do make for a fascinating subject matter. Hopefully I will get somewhere close to completing my list this year, although much depends on if I can find the missing species and get close enough to get decent images.


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