a few days to post up.

I always seem to be playing catch-up I think it is due to working 12 hour shifts (or sickness/back issues of the last few weeks). Anyway here are the latest offerings.

Day 57: My daughter pulling faces.

This and the next few photos were taken quickly and just to fill my quota I was suffering with serious back pains, one of my issues in life, and barely able to move around.

Day 57 - Silly Face

Day 57 – Silly Face

Day 58: A home made chocolate and orange brownie (pretty lush 🙂 if I’m honest).

Day 58 - Brownie

Day 58 – Brownie

Day 59: A screw in the wall, the title kind of reflects my feeling towards my back pain!

Day 59 - Screw You!

Day 59 – Screw You!

Day 60:  I recently got engaged to my beautiful girlfriend (I proposed with the help of my little girl, can’t quite believe she kept it quiet) we were given this champagne by her boss as a congratulations.

Day 60 - Celebrate

Day 60 – Celebrate

Day 61: A dusty pine cone (really need to dust more lol).

Day 61 - Dusty Cone

Day 61 – Dusty Cone

Day 62:  Some lego on white.

Day 62 - Kitty cat

Day 62 – Kitty cat

Day 63: I took my camera out for what feels like the first time in months, and this was one of the final shots of the morning, I like the way the colours mix well, and the image kind of shows the change between the grey of winter and the colour of spring.

Day 63 - Sticks

Day 63 – Sticks

Day 64: Added another moth to my 365 project (there will be more over the year) only the second one trapped in my current garden a Lead-Coloured Drab (a very common moth).

Day 64 - Common Quaker

Day 64 – Lead-Coloured Drab


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